Writing a thousand sentences punishment school for girls

English 9 Optional Pre-course assignment: Then, respond to of the below prompt. Consider what the main problem is, and what coping mechanisms the character uses. Your essay should include the following:

Writing a thousand sentences punishment school for girls

The Government provides for advanced scholars only.

Types of Dialogue

But since the one qualification for office is education, and the avenue to literary distinction and public honors lies through competitive examinations, the encouragement that the Government extends to education and learning can be estimated only by that eager pursuit of knowledge which is common to all classes, and by the veneration in which scholars and scholarships are held.

Therefore it is not strange that schools are to be found everywhere, in small hamlets as in large towns, although the Government appropriates no funds for the establishment of common schools; and although no such thing is known as "compulsory education," there is a general desire, even among the poorer classes, to give their children "a little schooling.

The combination system of a head master and several assistants does not work well in China. The schoolmaster in China must be absolute.

He is monarch of all he surveys; in his sphere there is none to dispute his rights.

You can always point him out among a thousand by the scholar's long gown, by his stern look, by his bent form, by his shoulders rounded by assiduous study.

He is usually near-sighted, so that an immense pair of spectacles also marks him as a trainer of the mind.

Why did this block occur?

He generally is a gentleman who depends on his teaching to make both ends meethis school is his own private enterprisefor no such thing exists in China as a "school-board,"and if he be an elegant penman, he increases the weight of his purse by writing scrolls; if he be an artist, he paints pictures on fans.

If he has not taken a degree, he is a perennial candidate for academic honors, which the Government only has a right to confer.

A tuition fee in China varies according to the ability and reputation of the teacher, from two dollars to twenty dollars a year. It varies also according to the age and advancement of the pupil.

The older he be, the more he has to pay. The larger sum I have named is paid to private tutors. A private tutor is also usually invited to take his abode in the house of the wealthy pupil; and he is also permitted to admit a few outsiders.

During festivals and on great occasions, the teacher receives presents of money as well as of eatables from his pupils.

And always he is treated with great honor by all, and especially by the parents of the pupils. For the future career of their children may, in one sense, be said to be in his hands.

One who teaches thirty or forty boys at an average tuition fee of four dollars is doing tolerably well in China; for with the same amount he can buy five or six times as much of provisions or clothing as can be bought in America.

Schools usually open about three weeks after the New Year's Day, and continue till the middle of the twelfth month with but a few holidays sprinkled in. However, if the teacher be a candidate for a literary degree, usuallya vacation of about sixweeks is enjoyed by the pupils in summer.

During the New Year festival, a month is given over to fun and relaxation. Unlike the boys and girls of America, Chinese pupils have no Saturdays as holidays, no Sundays as rest days.

School is in session daily from 6 to 10 A. This of course is only approximate, as no teacher is bound to a fixed regularity. He is at liberty to regulate his hours as he chooses.

writing a thousand sentences punishment school for girls

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A dialogue is a literary technique in which writers employ two or more characters to be engaged in conversation with one another.

In literature, it is a conversational passage, or a spoken or written exchange of conversation in a group, or between two persons directed towards a particular subject. When it comes to crime and punishment, how judges dish out prison sentences is anything but a game.

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