School business plan in pakistan face

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School business plan in pakistan face

Toggle display of website navigation Argument: July 3,9: But these benefits are highly unlikely to materialize.

school business plan in pakistan face

The project is more inclined to leave Pakistan burdened with unserviceable debt while further exposing the fissures in its internal security. China cultivated Pakistan as a client through the provision of military assistance; diplomatic and political cover in the U.

Security Council; and generous loan aid in an effort to counter both American influence and the system of anti-Communist Western treaty alliances.

China also sought to embolden Pakistan to harangue India, but not to the point of war because that would expose the hard limits of Chinese support. However, China declined to undertake even this modest effort to preclude India from vivisecting Pakistan. East Pakistan became independent Bangladesh in In a nod to Pakistan, China refused to recognize Bangladesh until Augusteven after Pakistan did so in February India claims these lands, currently held by Pakistan and China, and deems their occupation illegal.

Despite the bold claims made by China and Pakistan, there are many reasons to be dubious about the purported promises of CPEC. Xinjiang is in the throes of a slow-burning insurgency by the Muslim Uighur minority against the Communist state.

Gilgit-Baltistan, a Shiite-majority polity under the thumb of a Sunni-dominated Pakistan, is part of the above-noted contested territory of Jammu-Kashmir. Here, geology and weather further limit CPEC. Expanding the KKH will not be easy.

Residents of Gilgit-Baltistan worry about the environmental costs in relation to the few benefits they will enjoy. There have been episodic protestswhich the Pakistani government has ruthlessly put down.

Meanwhile, Gwador is experiencing a prolonged drought, frustrating the project while the four extant desalination plants remain idle. The local Baloch people deeply resent the plan because it will fundamentally change the demography of the area.

Before the expansion of Gwadar, the population of the area was 70,00 0. If the project comes to full fruition the population would be closer to 2 million — most of whom would be non-Baloch. Many poor Baloch have already been displaced from the area. Since construction has begun, there have been numerous attacks against Chinese personnel, among other workers.

It takes great faith — or idiocy, or greed, or all of the above — to believe that this is possible. All of these issues raise salient questions about the real utility of this unfolding fiasco. If CPEC is not an economically viable route for actual commerce, what purpose does it serve?

Analyst Andrew Small, among others, has argued that CPEC is, in reality, a redundant supply route for China should it face an embargo during a military conflict.

Pakistan does struggle with power shortages. Meanwhile, Pakistanis have learned that the current Chinese development model will do little for their economy.

China prefers to use its own companies and employees rather than hire locally. Pakistani citizens also have no way to know what CPEC will cost them. Neither government has been clear about what projects are part of the plan. Costing has been completely opaque. China sets the price, contracts the work out to Chinese companies, and saddles Pakistan with the loans.

The State Bank of Pakistan has repeatedly called for more transparency, to no avail. It suggests that CPEC is really about agriculture, an issue that had not previously been discussed in the extensive media coverage of the plan.

Chinese companies will be the primary beneficiaries of these initiatives. Pakistanis should be worried about the way CPEC is shaping up.

If it is even partially executed, Pakistan would be indebted to China as never before.A Sample Private School Business Plan Template. Are you about starting a private school (nursery, primary or high school)? If YES, here’s a complete sample private school business plan template & feasibility report you can use for FREE.

Some of the threats that we are likely going to face as a private school operating in the United States. The cost of private school, and especially boarding school, is also concerning.

In fact, The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) published a strategic plan for , in which it pledged to increase efforts to "help schools identify and recruit qualified families in North America.".

Riaz Haq said. Here's an AP report on private school enrollment growth in Pakistan: Pakistan is seeing a surge in private schools, a trend some find hopeful in a country where the government education system is decrepit and the other alternative is religious schools, known here as madrasas, which offer little education beyond memorizing the .

This story is from Kaiser Health News. Every school day at noon, Karina Garcia drives to her son’s South San Francisco high school to give him a dose. Its a business plan of school with all the required content you needed.

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Business Plan on School - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. International School Business Plan Final. The School Business Plan. Business Plan - kindergarten and creche centre The management team of Cambridge School of Pakistan is employed by the Cambridge School London so that the standards can 5/5(1).

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