Reason for the current political crisis

Here are the latest developments: On July 24, al-Attiyah laid the foundation stone for the expansion project of Al Udeid base where roughly 11, US military personnel are stationed. The planned expansion will include construction of additional housing facilities and service buildings. The ministry lamented the use of Hajj for political ends and said it was in contact with Saudi authorities to eliminate all obstacles for Qatari nationals and residents willing to partake in this year's event, set to begin on August

Reason for the current political crisis

At the heart of the dispute in Washington is a clash between the two major political parties over the role of the central government in American life.

Current US Political Crisis Decades in the Making

Political polarization began to ramp up significantly in the early to mids following the election of Democrat Bill Clinton as president. Republicans won control of both houses of Congress in for the first time in 40 years.

Differences over spending and the role of government sparked two government shutdowns. The bitterly contested presidential election of in which George W.

Bush was elected president also exacerbated the partisan political climate. That in turn helped to fuel the rise of conservative Tea Party groups around the country, an important conservative voting bloc within the Republican Party.

House Majority Leader Rep. The health care law, also known as Obamacare, is at the heart of the current shutdown dispute between the White House and Congress. Republicans have made several attempts to either defund the law or delay its implementation.

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Obama believes the law is the signature achievement of his presidency, and with the support of congressional Democrats is resisting any attempt to block or delay it.

Behind the fight over Obamacare is a sharply divergent view over the role of government, says Quinnipiac pollster Peter Brown. Sabato says many of them are willing, at least for now, to accept the political blame for forcing the government to shut down.

So they do not want to let anybody get to their right. For the moment, Sabato sees no quick resolution of the shutdown, which only adds to the political uncertainty given that Congress will soon have to raise the borrowing limit or risk the U.

Reason for the current political crisis

And of course it will do tremendous damage, not just to our economy but to our image around the world. Analysts say Republicans paid a political price for the shutdown and that the fallout probably helped President Bill Clinton win a second term in Why the Stock Market Hasn't Crashed Alongside Trump's Political Crisis.

Or is the market in the right to ignore the current political environment, which just may be more unpredictable than the.

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DW: How do you view the current political crisis in the Maldives, particularly President Abdulla Yameen's decision declare a state of emergency and defy the Supreme Court's ruling to reinstate.

Jan 28,  · Voters have approved billions of dollars to build housing and provide services. But so far, the impact on the streets has been negligible. You want to know about the reason behind this crisis and which were those factors that cause this crisis.

You know the first and foremost cause of the different political crises arise time to time is the political instability in Pakistan. A closer look at why Venezuela's economy is falling apart and forcing millions of its people out. Current US Political Crisis Decades in the Making Political polarization began to ramp up significantly in the early to mids following the .

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