Movie review i fine thank you

After parting ways with his business partner, Halliday runs the company alone and when he finally dies years later, he releases his final challenge to the world.

Movie review i fine thank you

Romance, Drama, Comedy Synopsis: Instead, Yim blames Pleng for being dumped and demands she to teach him English so he can better communicate with his girl and get a job to follow her to the United States.

As the tutoring sessions progress, Pleng falls for her mannerless student. Technical The shots were really rustic and raw, most Thailand films use these styles of shots but it made the story feel really realistic.

The music is soft and mellow and really helped emotions of the story.


Although that Korean drama song took me off guard. Story Pleng, an English tutor unknowing accepts to help her student; Kaya to break up with her boyfriend; Yim.

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Thoughts The comedy was pretty weird, but extremely funny. I loved how they use language as a theme in this movie and the way they mixed it up was really creative.

Their relationship progression is pretty sweet and I love the set up and pay off of this film. It was a really cute and heartwarming film. Have you watched this movie? What did you think?

Movie review i fine thank you

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A couple of days ago I stumbled across I You while scrolling through Netflix.I was sick and looking for something to entertain me that didn’t require deep thought or a major time commitment and this movie fit the bill.

You already know how this goes but it was fun to watch and you will enjoy if you give it a chance.

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thumbs up for everyone. I laughed a lot and enjoyed the movie very much/10(). Mar 18,  · love you” () thai movie review. Get Ballsy in this Sappy-Sweet THAI Romantic Comedy of the Year.

It’s a ROLLICKING-FUN TIME when THE PATH of TWO CRAZY HATTERS (the man a blurrish mechanic, the lady a bewildered language teacher) collide. The third effort from established comedy director Mez Tharatorn (director of ’s ATM Er Rak Error), isn’t just funny; it’s one of the best-produced Thai movies in a long, long time.

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