Ipod to ipad case study

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Ipod to ipad case study

Try Live Demo now! MirrorSync is completely free, with all features enabled, for syncing a single offline device iPad, iPhone, laptop, or desktop computer with FileMaker Server. Special pricing is available for FBA members purchasing for themselves or on behalf of clients. Download your free copy now.

There are several other approved hosting providers willing to host MirrorSync as well see documentation. Alternatively, knowledgeable Linux administrators can host on their own Linux instance with Amazon Web Services. Automatic downloads for users MirrorSync 3 If your users can click a link, they know everything they need to get an offline file and start syncing.

MirrorSync generates download links which can be emailed by an administrator to users. Users click the link and immediately get the latest version of the offline file. There are no plug-ins required, nothing for the developer to prepare on the server, Ipod to ipad case study no client software needed except for a free copy of FileMaker Go.

MirrorSync 4 MirrorSync 4 allows you to make changes to your database and then prompt your user to download that new version after their next successful sync. This is all automatic, no more emailing required!

Users are given the option to update their file or to hold off on updating. Users that hold off will still be able to sync with their file but any changes made to the database will not be synced.

Need a custom workflow? Sync outside the box. MirrorSync lets you select which tables, records, and fields to sync, as well as the sync direction for each table. Run scripted actions before, during, and after your sync operations, such as sending an e-mail when a job is completed.

MirrorSync will allow you to either sync a copy of the database from your FileMaker Server, or sync with a separate task-specific mobile database. Whatever your workflow is, MirrorSync will accommodate it.

Ipod to ipad case study

Given the complexity of the system over 40 tables in the database, almost half of which need to be synced; filtering records based on accounts associated with each user, external container fields, etc.

Our Techs are pleased to be on a local copy of the database without those delays associated with a remote connection to the live database. If you use serial numbers for primary keys, MirrorSync will even manage your foreign keys to keep all of your related records grouped together when they are synced to another device.

And the new data is in there. Not only that, but it is amazingly fast. I just added time data records to the sync. The screen shot shows the result from the first subsequent sync. Thanks for a great product! MirrorSync can sync just about anything to anything else. Read more about the supported platforms and configurations.

Clustering with MirrorSync 3: Using MirrorSync to cluster FileMaker Servers running side-by-side can increase server availability for your mission critical solution. Through data replication, you can ensure server reliability by balancing loads and handling server failure.

Enterprise-grade MirrorSync has been engineered and refined to handle serious load and the worst possible network conditions. It takes care of things like large data sets, network drops during sync, and conflicting changes from multiple devices.

It is a combination of 16 core data tables with 5 join tables. There are roughlyrecords in those tables. I have been updating my iPad every few days and it has been working very well.

Read more about how well MirrorSync works with FileMaker hosting providers. Thank you so much. We found it easy to use, with directions clear and concise. Support from the Works team has been exceptional.

The result was a VERY impressed customer who commented to me how important excellent service is for building loyalty. I always have a great experience with your team, and as a result, I never hesitate to recommend Works products to my customers.

Awards and testimonials In addition to winning the FileMaker Solution of the Year award, MirrorSync is a hit with developers and users alike:plombier-nemours.com: a Business Case Study and History.

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| Start Your Free Trial Hard Shell iPad Mini Case with Bluetooth Keyboard. SALE ends soon ends in 2 hours. Apple ipod case study essays November 21, Apple ipod case study essays. The iPod is a line of portable media players and multi-purpose pocket computers designed and marketed by Apple Inc.

The first version was released on October 23, , about 8 1 ⁄ 2 months after the Macintosh version of iTunes was released. As of July 27, , only the iPod Touch remains in production..

Like other digital music players, . The company designs, manufactures, and markets smart personal devices, the Macintosh (Mac) family of personal computers, the iPod portable music player, the iPhone, and, the iPad, plus various accessories and peripherals including software, printers, storage devices, speakers, and headphones.

The case itself has an opening on the bottom for access to the iPad’s dock connector and openings for the mute switch and volume rocker, depending on the direction your place the iPad in the case.

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