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Restaurant menus, as we know them today, are a relatively new phenomenon. Food historians tell us they were a "byproduct" of the French Revolution. In the 20th century children's menus take their place at the table. Before the emergence of the restaurant, a menu had always been a list of all those foods to be served during a particular meal as at a banquet today.

Fast food description

What is a square meal? Excellent question with no simple answers. There are two primary schools of thought: Shaped, to make it easier for people to understand, like a square.

The simple shape concept was embraced by the U. In both cases, a "square meal" is an ideal, not a required list of ingredients or recommended dishes. A brief evolution of "square" concepts in USA social Fast food description By men used square approvingly to refer to the natural, even gait of a good horse in such expressions as a square-gaited horse or square trotter.

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New York] p. Said to derive from nautical use, with reference to the square platter on which meals were served on board ship. Prompted by charity you might perhaps offer him two bits, to go and get something approaching a square meal with, but he would repulse you angrily.

This is an everyday sight with us. In fact, it is usually nothing but hospital soup, which, while abundant in quantity and nutritious enough for convalescents, is pretty weak stuff for stalwart, hard-worked young men.

While Chief of Police Lester Kierstead slept last night a thief paid him a visit. To top it of he drank several bottles of beer and smoked a cigar The Chief was not awakened. The first he know of the robbery was when he came down stairs this morning for breakfast.

Editors of erudite evening journals have labored and strained in anguish, but a rotund and filling definition of a square meal cometh not forth I1 [] "Our language is a riddle. A man will eat a pound of round steak, a pyramid of mashed potatoes, half a dozen oval biscuits, a triangle of pie, drink two cups of flat coffee--then call it a square meal.

No meal is complete that does not contain a goodly quantity of the first two. The amount of the third depends largely upon activity, temperament, weight, digestive ability and appetite.

The fourth group may be eliminated with some and the meal will still be adequate, but it is helpful generally as a means of furnishing energy concentration, appetite appeal and attractive variation. A practical working out of this plan for anybody Breakfast--Fruit freely in any form.

Milk or eggs in ample amounts. This last varying anywhere from a thin slice of toast through the many forms of breakfast breads and cereals to a stack of pancakes or even doughnuts Lunch--Fruit or salad or both; milk or equivalent dairy products; choice of substantials to satisfy appetite: Dinner--Vegetables in any and every form; building form.

A [] "Revival of interest in the square meal as a national institution was cited as another evidence of returning prosperity here today The meeting was in conjunction with the annual convention of the New Jersey State Teachers Association The change from three square meals a day at home to haphazard eating, a change affecting all classes of people, is apparently irreversible.

H1 [] "Our omnibibulous H. But he did not mean a bowl of beans, or meat between bread slices, no matter how sustaining either of these things may be. He meant a square meal, which perforce means tolls and a place to use them, a knife and a spoon and perhaps even a plate, and a protected place for the enjoyment of all or almost all he could eat.

Most of us have eaten square meals in strange places.This bowl, even though a medium, is *way* too big for a dog along the lines of, say, a cocker spaniel (my dog is a cocker / shih tzu mix, and his head is pretty much identical in . Fast food workers are the initial contact between customers and fast food establishments.

They are responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction, resolving customer complaints, and addressing any questions or comments that customers may have.

Fast food workers perform many tasks.

Fast food description

They take customers' orders, assemble the orders, and act as . This is a list of currently operating gourmet food trucks in San Diego. These trucks regularly serve lunch, dinner, desserts, or beverages in different locations around town.

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This is a list of currently operating gourmet food trucks in San Diego. These trucks regularly serve lunch, dinner, desserts, or beverages in different locations around town.

When & why did we begin eating meals in "courses?" Food historians generally agree "course meals" were made possible by the agricultural .

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