Ethical issues in advertising essay

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Ethical issues in advertising essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The marketing policies of any given company obviously include more than simply the final advertisements that reach the consumer.

An incredible amount of research and discussion is involved to insure that the advertising reaches the targeted market, as well as conveys the desired message.

However, more is involved than simply producing an effective advertising campaign. Each company has a responsibility to the consumer to ensure that their marketing and advertising policies reflect conventional ethical standards. How extensive is marketing in the United States?

Most American magazines and newspapers reserve 60 percent of their pages for ads. The New York Times Sunday edition alone may contain pages of advertisements. Some radio stations devote 40 minutes of every hour to commercials. Then there is television.

According to one estimate, American youngsters sit through three hours of television commercials each week. By the time they graduate from high school, they will have been exposed totelevision ads. Televisions advertise in airports, hospital waiting rooms, and schools.

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Major sporting events are now major advertising events. Racing cars serve as high-speed billboards. Some athletes receive most of their money from advertisers.

There is no escape. Commercial ads are displayed on walls, buses, and trucks. They adorn the inside of taxis and subways — even the doors of public toilets. Audio messages attempt to sell to us in supermarkets, stores, elevators — and while we are on hold on the telephone.

In some countries so much advertising comes through the mail that many recipients proceed directly from the mailbox to the nearest wastebasket to toss out the junk mail. With so much exposure to advertising, it is clear to see the importance of knowing if what we are being exposed to is a positive or negative influence.

Ethics issues may involve both the methods used to promote a product and the product itself. One of the most visible and widely vilified examples is the tobacco industry.

Ethical Issues In Advertising Essay Sample

The history of the methods and strategies used by tobacco companies is well documented. Although cigarettes are, by far, the most dangerous consumer products in this country, these companies have a track record of blatantly promoting their product as something beneficial.

Before the ban on television advertising, cigarette companies used images of good-looking, healthy, athletic young people to convey the idea that smoking was something good — not harmful. However, that ban did not stop their unethical efforts to promote tobacco.

According to Robert Dolan, who testified at the racketeering trial against the industry, tobacco companies moved marketing efforts to other media such as magazines and massive billboards. When a settlement with states outlawed billboards and event sponsorship, cigarette companies moved their marketing focus to things like in-store promotions and price discounts.

Poirier Unfortunately, the depths to which the tobacco companies would go to make a profit went far beyond that. Studies show that nicotine addiction is the most common serious medical problem in the U. American Society of Addictive Medicine Cigarette smoking is the number one preventable cause of death in the United States due, in large measure, to the deceptive marketing and advertising campaigns of the tobacco industry that has produced a nation of addicts.

Interestingly, second hand smoke ranks number three. While it is true that some cigarette companies are currently attempting to promote the benefits of quitting smoking, whether they are truly motivated by a desire to do the ethically proper thing is highly debatable.

Big business shows its lack of concern for ethics in another way. In order to sell a product that no one really needs, some corporations spend a lot of money on advertising to create a need; to make people feel that this nonessential product is somehow a necessity.

The Ethical Problems of Modern Advertising Essay Sample

An example of this surfaced in recent years in the marketing of baby formulas — preparations for bottle-feeding young babies — in poor countries. Nevertheless, big corporations have been accused of aggressively marketing baby formulas in poor lands so mothers are persuaded that their babies will be healthier if they are fed on the formula.Ethical Issues in Marketing This Research Paper Ethical Issues in Marketing and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: Hassan Anwar • April 19, • Research Paper • 2, Words (12 Pages) • Views/5(1).

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ETHICAL ISSUES IN MARKETING AND ADVERTISING. Advertising: It is an indisputable fact that Advertising is all pervasive in modern life. Its critics level various charges against it which include the fact that it is sometimes irritating and even offensive. At the same time advertising is .

Ethical issues in advertising essay

ETHICAL ISSUES IN ADVERTISING INTRODUCTION. Human beings create a number of different worlds. One of the worlds that human beings have created is the world of money, trade, commodities and exchange. To an outsider, this often feels like a world full of beauty and ugliness in equal proportions - messy, flashy, exotic and sometimes even scary.

Advertising in the press: an ethical issue In September , the French newspaper Libération released a front page that produced controversies. Bernard Arnault, CEO of luxury firm LVMH, appeared above the statement “Casse-toi riche con”.

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