Buying copies of dissertations

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Buying copies of dissertations

The joy of seeing your work in print.

Buying copies of dissertations

LAP Lambert, I learned, is the print equivalent of a content farm: Advertisement So, naturally, I replied to Holmes, telling her I was interested in hearing more. Get Future Tense in your inbox.

I was struck with a zany idea: It could be put to better use, I reasoned, as a way of exploring the blend of high and low tech that fueled this strange industry.

I did so, and for four days, I waited with bated breath.

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They would set the retail price and could suggest corrections to any grammar or spelling errors they came across. It has satellite offices in Latvia and Uruguay, but the majority of its English- and French-speaking staff are based in the tax haven of Mauritius, off the coast of Madagascar.

The company declines to release financial data but claims to publish 5 0, books every month, making it, by its own accounting, one of the largest book publishers in the world. How can it possibly churn out this many titles? Although a huge number are academic texts, hundreds of thousands result from an even stranger process: Thousands are listed for sale on Amazonall with the same cover design albeit with different stock photos swapped in and the same three names Frederic P.

From the blog posts I found and the hundreds of comments posted on some of themI saw that many authors came away from the deal less than satisfied. Some naive academics think publishing will add cachet to their C. Meanwhile, the contract stripped them of the right to publish it elsewhere or even publish chapters of it in an academic journal.

Other acquisition editors used stock photos for profile pictures as well. His explanation for the strange pattern is benign. This move reflects our ongoing endeavor to open ourselves internationally and beyond the academic borders. I proceeded through the publishing process, filling in fields for the title, subtitle, and summary that would appear on the front and back cover.

The actual cover design was predetermined—blue and white, with an unsightly red stripe across the bottom—and I was forced to choose a piece of cover art from a gallery of a few hundred clip-art images and stock photos. I searched for anything that might be even slightly relevant to my thesis, like a picture of a prairie it was about how federal land policies affected a Native American reservation in South Dakotabut found nothing.

In the end, I chose a black-and-white drawing of a bison, with sad, cartoonish eyes. The cover complete, I was instructed to upload a PDF of the book itself, with guidelines for the page size, table of contents, page numbers, and other design elements.

Reformatting the original Word document took some time, and I did so with the strange awareness that, in all likelihood, no one would ever see it printed on paper unless I bought a copy myself. I had finally achieved my lifetime dream of becoming a published author.

Advertisement About a month later, I heard from Holmes again. My book was on the verge of being published, and I had a very special opportunity: If I acted now, I could buy multiple copies of it at deeply discounted prices.

The standard price for the page book was Over the next two weeks, I got three more emails from Holmes pressuring me to buy, each more aggressive than the last. She used several strategies: We are now offering you the opportunity to support your project.

Maybe you have not realized the importance of having some printed copies of your book in hand? Each warned that my window of opportunity to take advantage of the deal was rapidly closing, but I declined repeatedly. My book was published. At latest count, 84, have been published by LAP Lambert alone.

I spent an inordinate amount of time browsing them and wondering about the authors. Why did they sell their books to this strange company?

I waited, seeing if my book would sell. In two days, the familiar brown Amazon box arrived at my house.

Buying copies of dissertations

Top Comment So this is just one weird trick for getting your work published. They looked exactly as they had in the original PDF of my thesis, just shrunken down onto A4-size paper and surrounded by page numbers and a title page printed in a different font.

My thesis had been transformed into a mass-produced commodity.Many students have turned to buying dissertations, theses, and research papers online. We guarantee that your paper will be plagiarism-free. The process is the same as identifying locations where a copy of a book may be held, since libraries purchasing copies of dissertations will.

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So, in the case, you are copy and tired of the long hours spent in search of information or. “” The number of copies of theses/dissertations uploaded this year: As of. Making ETDs available on the NWU-IR is an on-going project. Graduate School Electronic Theses and Dissertations in . ProQuest Dissertations and Theses is the world's most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses, the official digital dissertations archive for the.

The UT Libraries collects dissertations, theses, and master's reports written. This study explores the social, political, economic, and cultural dimensions of a U.S.-based transnational education (TNE) program in China. TNE refers to education programs provided by an institution located in another country, and this study focused on higher (tertiary) education.

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