Als frau single

My name is Karina a.

Als frau single

German - Austria Schimmelreiter said: For our specific examples in this thread, I must say, I tend to agree with you. However, I cannot agree with the generalization that every bracketed verb phrase in passive voice past needs to automatically change into passive voice present.

Reason being, I have definitely come across sentences where this change of tense would have caused a substantial change in meaning. It might even have been in this forum, but I just can't remember the actual threads. Therefore I claim it does depend on the actual verb phrase and on the surrounding context and the writer needs to evaluate, whether this past tense aspect is crucial or not.

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Of course, I trust we're in agreement that such odd verbal arrangements are usually avoided by native speakers, except for politicians and lawyers maybe, and this can be easily achieved by minor rephrasing of the sentence.

Perpend and Hutschi have given good examples. That brings me to your double-pluperfect statement.

Als frau single

I had to chew on that for quite a bit. That's because your arguments are very good and I almost wanted to agree, despite the little something that kept bugging me. But today I decided to join Dan2's view because it seems to make more sense.

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Actually these sentences cannot be directly compared, because the actual reason why double-perfect and double-pluperfect is frowned upon is simply the redundant repetition of haben and sein, i.

We do not have this in sentence 2b. So, only this version is clear double-pluperfect: The more natural version of the last sentence: It's still not a perfect example, but all sentences seem grammatically correct and express a slightly different message, isn't it?The L.

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Als frau single

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Gott sei meiner Seele gnädig. Liebe Leute, ich bitte euch, betet für mich. Links to this dictionary or to single translations are very welcome!

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Bemerkungen Jedes Mal, wenn ich mal wieder zur Single-Frau geworden war, stellte ich mir diese Frage.
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