A good man is hard to find in bel kaufmans sunday in the park essay

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A good man is hard to find in bel kaufmans sunday in the park essay

December 12th, Analysis of Sunday in the Park Sunday in the Park by Bel Kaufman is a short story that sends the reader so many messages and emotions it seems to be much more than what it is.

It is not even three full pages, but it has many of the characteristics of a regular novel. It has a subtle introduction that reveals the setting and characters, there is a strong build to the obvious climax and an ending that leaves the reader shocked. These elements of setting, character, point of view, and plot make this story the emotional thriller that it is.

The story starts off with the narrator scanning her environment.

A good man is hard to find in bel kaufmans sunday in the park essay

She is at a park on a Sunday afternoon, with her husband and child. She mentions people leaving the park, and includes the time and day of the week.

It is slightly warm, and she can hear the city noises far off in the distance. Everything appears to be peaceful, and she even comments on how content she is. The reader feels her happiness and imagines him or herself being at that park, sitting in that bench, surveying the surroundings around them.

Without describing the setting, the reader could never feel as if he or she is person on that bench and could never feel the same emotions as the narrator. The narrator gives the reader a point of view, because the reader can imagine him or herself as the narrator.

By using a limited omniscient narrator, Bel Kaufman makes this story personal. The narrator is the protagonist, a young adult, who is recently married and is caught up in the stresses of the big city life.

The reader feels happy for her as she finally gets some time to relax with her family at the park. They can connect with her either because she is simply very relatable, or they have gone through similar stresses in their life. Either way, the narrator gets caught in an argument, and the reader is on her side.

Without a narrator that is such a participant in the story, and that states her opinion so freely, the reader would never be able to imagine him or herself as the protagonist. The characters of this story are the last thing needed to have the reader imagine himself as the protagonist.

Each characters is realistic, they are people you probably would find at park on a Sunday afternoon. For example, there are two kids, who have never met each other, both playing in a sandbox.

Kids like to play with other kids, even if they do not know them, in sandboxes.

Fiction 100: An Anthology of Short Stories with Reader's Guide, 8/e

Kids also throw sand at other kids for no particular reason. Parents often watch their kids play while reading a magazine or just enjoying their surroundings. When Morton and the other father almost get in a fight, Morton backs down.

He has no supernatural powers, and he knows he would lose the fight. Morton is the ever-so-common antihero. He is a professor that rarely gets angry, rarely does anything unexpected. Even the antagonist, who allowed his kid to throw sand at the other child is believable. The fact that he was reading the comics, right in front of his face, shows that he probably does not have too much of an education.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Jacob Boehme’s Aurora: Translation, Introduction, and Commentary Aries Book Series Texts and Studies in Western Esotericism. Editor Marco Pasi. Editorial Board Jean-Pierre Bra. “Sunday in the Park” by Bel Kaufman begins on Sunday with relaxed mother and father watching their son, Larry, playing in a sandbox.

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